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EGTtools – Toolbox for Evolutionary Game Theory

EGTtools provides a centralized repository with analytical and numerical methods to study/model game theoretical problems under the Evolutionary Game Theory (EGT) framework.

This library is composed of two parts:

  • a set of analytical methods implemented in Python 3

  • a set of computational methods implemented in C++ with (Python 3 bindings)

The second typed is used in cases where the state space is too big to solve analytically, and thus require estimating the model parameters through monte-carlo simulations. The C++ implementation provides optimized computational methods that can run in parallel in a reasonable time, while Python bindings make the methods easily accecible to a larger range of researchers.

Citing EGTtools

You may cite this repository in the following way:

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I would like to thank Prof. Tom Lenaerts and Prof. Francisco C. Santos for the great help in building this library.

We would also like to thank Yannick Jadoul author of Parselmouth and Eugenio Bargiacchi author of AIToolBox for their great advice on the implementation of EGTtools.

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